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Mobile Yearbooks

Mobile Yearbook

School Source Yearbooks has partnered with Yearbooks To Go to offer schools the option of providing a mobile yearbook in addition to their printed yearbook or as an alternative.

Formatted for all platforms including iPad, Kindle, Nook, Android and Kobo

• Yearbook lives on your favorite mobile device
• Sold as an add-on or alternative to printed version
• Positions your school at the forefront of technology
• Adds value for your school families
• A potential fundraising opportunity

Book pricing is based on the number of pages in your yearbook
along with how many mobile yearbooks are purchased.

For more information visit yearbookstogo.com
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Marketing Materials
Yearbook sales posters and money collection envelopes make your job easier.
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Digital Yearbook Sample
Need ideas?
Review our online yearbook sample gallery.

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