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We’ve reengineered the High School Yearbook – and the High School Yearbook Industry – by bringing a standard of quality and freedom of choice never before available in North America.

Full color, coffee-table-book print quality, format freedom, professional-grade paper, industry-best binding, built-in green technology – it’s all included and for a lower price than you’ll find anywhere else.

School Source Yearbooks has partnered with FutureBook Yearbooks to bring you North America’s top High School Yearbook solution. Please take a moment to watch the video below to learn more about FutureBook. For more information, check out the FutureBook website and when you’re ready to get started contact us. We’ll be happy to help you create your best yearbook ever.

See why FutureBook Yearbooks offer you a higher quality book at lower prices.
Overview Video

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Lumapix Yearbook Fusion
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