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YearbookFusion is a software package specialized for yearbook layout. It streamlines the process of creating yearbooks, church directories and other database-driven book types. YearbookFusion projects live online for easy access from anywhere an internet connection is available. LumaPix Instructional Videos

We understand that many customers already have their own yearbook design tools and are more comfortable using them than starting new with LumaPix. If that sounds like you, we would be more than happy to manufacture your yearbooks.
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An Overview…

  1. Create a multipage album project with all pages stored in a single file
  2. Import a PSPA CD, building a database of students and faculty
  3. Create panel pages automatically
  4. Customize the panel page 'look' (knocking out frames, reshaping the grid, etc)
  5. Lay out the rest of the yearbook with candid pages, collage pages, etc
  6. Upload the results to School Source
    Yearbooks for printing

It’s really pretty simple…

  1. Download our Design Specifications
  2. Make sure you design to the book type you
    want us to make
    • Saddle-Stitched
    • Perfect Bound Soft Cover
    • Perfect Bound Hard Cover
  3. When you’re ready to send us your yearbook, click here to access our order submission portal.

Download Lumapix Demo Design Specifications
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Marketing Materials
Yearbook sales posters and money collection envelopes make your job easier.
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Need ideas?
Review our online yearbook sample gallery.

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