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We take pride in doing everything we can to make you look great in the eyes of your students and families.
  • One-on-one / group training via Webex demos
  • Extended hours phone support during peak season (April, May & June)
  • 2-Week or less turnaround

Contact Information

Customer Support
School Source Yearbooks
M–F: 888-908-5561 / Fax: 888-908 5475
7:00AM – 7:00PM Central

Customer Support
M–F: 1 877-586-2749
9:30am to 5:30pm Eastern

Mike Limbach
24/7 365

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Order Yearbook Sales Posters
Must be an existing customer (Not a customer? Contact us today to get started)

YSP1   YSP2    
Yearbook Sales Posters (11x17) $1.00 each
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Order Collection Envelopes
Must be an existing customer (Not a customer? Contact us today to get started)

YSE1 (Back)   Imprinted (Front) / Not Imprinted is blank
Envelopes—Not Imprinted $0.08 each
Envelopes—Imprinted in Black Ink  
    Over 10,000 $0.12 each
    1,000 to 9,999 $0.15 each
    500 to 999 $0.18 each
    100 to 499 $0.20 each
* We will provide a proof for your approval before printing and shipping.
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Marketing Materials
Yearbook Portrait of a boy
Marketing Materials
Yearbook sales posters and money collection envelopes make your job easier.
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Digital Samples
Digital Yearbook Sample
Need ideas?
Review our online yearbook sample gallery.

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Yearbook Portrait of a girl
LumaPix demo
Lumapix Yearbook Fusion
Download a demo copy of the Yearbook Fusion Software from LumaPix.
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