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YearbooksLowest Prices 
School Source Yearbooks understands that families are looking to save money wherever they can. Our partnerships with the largest and most sophisticated yearbook printers in the country help us keep prices low. We will beat any legitimate written estimate by at least 5% and likely much more.
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Ultra-Fast Turnaround and No Deadlines
Our customers typically receive their books in just over one week. Our guarantee... your order will take no more than 2 weeks to ship from the time you approve your proof. No need to schedule a production timeslot or worry about hitting discounted date deadlines. You can easily include all important Spring activities.

Easy to Use Creative Software 
We'll provide you with FREE industry leading yearbook software from LumaPix or create books in your favorite design software and submit them directly to the School Source publishing platform.
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Highest Quality
Your books are printed by best-in-class photo book producers on HP/Indigo printers so you can rest easy knowing that your families will love their yearbooks.

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Marketing Materials
Yearbook sales posters and money collection envelopes make your job easier.
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Yearbook planning Documents
Check our Resource Center for videos, guidelines, business forms and more.
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